Lost Your Vision?


I Did...

 I recent sold my home of 20 years.  It was a property that fit my lifestyle well and provided an anchor for family and friends.  Some of my favorite things included a backyard with lots of birds, flowers and wonderful neighbors.  My grandchildren loved the swing on the porch - you could swing in any weather and burn off great energy!

I worked diligently to empty the house, spiff it up so it showed well and found new homes for many of my possessions I had collected over the years.

I had no real idea of what my life would be once the house sale was complete - I just knew that chapter of my life was done.

Today, I know that I had lost my vision of who I was!

As I  reflect on  my life, I can identify several times when this had happened but I never had put words to the experience.

Today, through VisionHolders Coaching, I lead  individuals through the steps on creating their vision of themselves and what mission they are on!